Why Choose DBO Apartments?

Why Choose DBO Apartments?

Costing around 30% to 70% less than most hotels, DBO Apartments are contemporary, spacious and furnished to an extremely high standard, so you don’t pay a premium for any ‘extra’ onsite facilities or services.

Furthermore, by choosing DBO apartments you are able to minimise costs by cooking your own meals. By offering all of our guest’s full kitchens, you are able to cook your own meals and prepare all types of food. Also, our private laundries in every unit allow guests to wash their own clothes, rather than spending money on laundry services or coin operated machines.


One of the many benefits of DBO apartments are the spacious layouts. All apartments have their own kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry and living rooms. This provides our guests with the space needed to properly unpack, settle in and make you at home.

Compared to other accommodation options, DBO apartments allows you to live as your would at home and enjoy the simple things you take for granted.

You can leave all your possessions, week after week without the need to pack up after stays. Having the freedom to come and go as you please, allows guests to feel as though they are living their normal life whist away from home. You even have the option to have family and friends come and visit.

DBO apartments are centrally located in Dubbo. We are located just next to the beautiful Macquarie river corridor with the famous Tracker Riley walking and bike riding tracks. These tracks lead many kilometres throughout the central CBD of Dubbo and also all the way out to the Taronga Western plains Zoo.

All DBO apartments have been recently completely refurbished and ensured they are well equipped for you to make your own meals, wash your own clothes and maintain your independence throughout your stay. Through choosing these apartments you are able to improve your quality of life while living away from home.